Multiple MPD components get random names on every boot

I have two MPD components. One is running on the Pi that I run HA on, and another in on a computer in a different room. I can control them both fine, but there is a problem with naming.

One has been given the name media_player.mpd and the other media_player.mpd_2. This is fine, however, it is not consistent. When I restart Home Assistant the numbering sometimes changes (presumably based on which it happens to detect first). This makes it impossible to build scripts or configuration for them.

Is anyone else using multiple MPD components and has run into this? Is there some way to differentiate them reliably? Maybe something I could configure in the mpd config itself so it identifies itself differently?

I figured out that the way around this is by specifying a name in the media_player configuration:

  - platform: mpd
    host: localhost
    name: mpd_bed_room
  - platform: mpd
    name: mpd_living_room