Multiple names for lights/switches

I have lots of lights and scenes (switches) coming in from my ISY. Example: switch.family_room_main is an ISY scene which turns on/off several lights. I’m using customize as follows:

  friendly_name: "Living Room"

But the thing is, I’d like to be able to say “turn on family room” as well as “turn off living room” or even possibly add a third term for the scene. I thought this would be simple, but I’m stumped.

What are you using? Alexa or Google? You can always use another template switch.

Google, but I’d love to get this done in a yaml file if possible. I’m not a fan of online settings I have to repeat on a rebuild.

You can just use another template switch with a different name that controls the other one.

Ugh. Lots of text for something that could be small. Off to feature requests. Shameless plug for votes!

you got my vote! I would also love to have to make many copies of the same thing just to add a name to the same device.