Multiple soundcards and multiple speakers in HA on single server

Need community assistance with soundcards in HA
I’m having several soundcards connected to single server in a same time, all of them are visible from homeassistant container and can be used for example with VLC plugin.
We have Soundcard1 with speakers in Room1 and Soundcard2 with speakers in Room2
Is it possible to use each separate soundcard as individual virtual HA speaker, so we can start playing different music in different rooms in a same time (or any other scenarios when speakers are used randomly for voice notifications)
There is no need to sync audio on both rooms, just to play anything on each separate speaker in each room independently

with VLC addon I can add one speaker and switch between soundcards, but cant create 2 speakers in a same time

HA is running inside proxmox, the first idea was to add separate virtual machine, forward all soundcards there and start several mpd servers, but maybe there are better solution with built in HA features or addons like vlc

Hi, Did you solve this issue? I need to do something similar