Multizone Heating

Hi guys,

You’ll have to excuse me since english is not my first languate.
I’ve recently started playing around with Home assistant.
So far I’ve configured a couple of sonoff switches using MQTT (Sonoff Basic, modified TH16 for switching my ‘dumb’ thermostat on and off).
I’ve recently bought about 6 TRVs for my radiators.
I’ve also purchased 2 temperaturesensors.
I’ve configured the TRVs and the temperature sensors using zigbee2mqtt.

I have 2 rooms that I want to heat separately:

  • My living room → has 3 radiators and 1 aqara temperature sensor

  • My hobby room → also has 3 radiators and 1 aqara temperature sensor

My question is: How can I make it so that when I’m in my living room, my TRVs are turned off in my hobby room? All I’m looking for is advice on how to handle this, I’m not asking for a complete configuration.

In my experience the heat up time for rooms used in an on off fashion is too long to use this approach … not practical in the real world.

Regarding on/off controlled TRV’s this is also not ideal as the heat oscillations will be large and delayed. The proportional heads are much better where you can achieve a mid position setting where the temperature reported by the temp sensor balances with the proportional open of the TRV (say 38%).

Pulse width modulation applied to a zone valve can get close but takes a lot of fiddling around with. I have no experience with the TUYA but they are probably a good TRV to play around with to provide proportional control. I don’t know if they can be easily integrated with remote temperature sensors, they may be