Mute echo microphone from HA?

Perhaps it’s a dumb question, and I know there’s a button on top of the Amazon Echo, but is there a way to turn this button on/off remotely, i.e. from Home-Assistant?

I’m having a weird problem that when I’m a conference call at home, suddenly Alexa would somehow trigger and say something stupid. I’m not within reach and don’t want to shout to Alexa in the middle of the call, so was wondering if anyone knows of a way to remotely silence it quickly?

(other option is to buy a remote power switch, and connect the Echo to it, but I hope there’s something simpler without extra hardware)

Did you ever figure this out?

I’m also searching for this. Would be great to automate this also and not just enable DnD Modus via Alexa Media Player.

There is a do not disturb switch generated with “alexa media player” you may want to try that and see if it totally disables it or just mutes it… I use it to silence all announcements when needed but never tried talking to one in that state