My bitwarden URL was marked as dangerous by Google. How do I fix it?

I’ve been using the bitwarden addon for some time now (over a year), it has worked great since I installed it and started using it. Until now. For some reason, my bitwarden URL has been marked as Dangerous by the browser and I don’t know why or how to resolve it. I tried filling out their form and submitting that, I did it yesterday but it’s still marked as malicious/dangerous. When I navigate to the URL internally or externally, I see a bright red screen that says: “Deceptive site ahead”. When I click on details it says: “Google Safe Browsing recently detected phishing on [my url].”


Is this true? How can I find out if my bitwarden has been compromised? I’ve clicked around on Google’s links but can’t find any specific detail about what they found nor how to resolve it.

Please help!