My Evohome thermostats are failing

my Multizone Honeywell Evohome has 5 different zones with a total of 7 (1 zone has 3) HR92 (valves on the radiator).
For some weird reason my Honeywell Evohome controller, always thinks is warm (enough) in the house and shows room temperatures above 21c, while the feel in those rooms is very (!) cold.

I’d like to place some temperature sensors in each room (and even in multiple corners/location of the same room, to get a better idea what the “real” temperature is in each room.
I know I can buy simple “non-smart” thermostats, but since it’s time to finally build my hass setup, I thought it’s be a good opportunity to look into temperature sensors.

Could anyone recommend good/reliable sensors?
As I mentioned I still don’t have any “preferred” protocol, but for the time being, I’d like to keep expenses to a minimum, while still thinking about the future extendability.


I quite like the Bosch BME280 myself.

What does your Evohome app or display controlles show?

See my first post.

For example, this morning, the living room was cold (I was wearing a t-shirt & a thick long-sleeve capuchin on top!), and the Evohome controller was showing 24.5°c.
Similar thing (high temperature shown, while cold in the room) happens in the other rooms…

UPDATE: I bought some *XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 to finally be able to confirm my suspicion.
The Evohome is set to a target temperature of 19°c, while the actual room temperature is 16.4°c.
At that same time, the evohome controller “thinks” the temperature is 18.6°c which is probably the reason it does not heat the room.