My first custom component - EthermineInfo!

Hello there!

After a fair few years of using HomeAssistant and generally not having a clue how any of this works, I finally had an idea that I thought was simple enough for me to tackle on my own. The end result is EthermineInfo!

Please feel free to contact me here or open an issue on Github if you encounter problems. I can’t promise I’ll fix them, but I will try! :slight_smile:

This post will be a little light on details as I can’t post more than 2 links, images or just about anything until I’m no longer a new user. You can view the docs here:


heyajohnny’s CryptoInfo from which this component was born.

W3Schools for being an invaluable learning resource.

Hey, I really like the idea of an ethermine info dashboard! I was waiting for somebody to make it (because I’m not able myself)
I installed it via HACS and made the sensor in my configuration.yaml but somehow the data does not seem to come in. Do you know what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Can you add the following to your logger, restart HA, collect the logs and open an issue on github please?

    custom_components.ethermineinfo: debug

Edit: from my testing I only get “unknown” if I don’t use a valid miner address.

Use - this should tell you if you have used the correct address. A correct address will return data, an incorrect address will return

{"status":"ERROR","error":"Invalid address"}

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to the HA community for bearing with me through my first project and for so quickly and helpfully testing, requesting and adding features.

Today I have released v1.0.0 as all the initial project goals have been met! I’m very happy to have reached this personal milestone and finally given something useful back to a community I’ve been part of for years.