My new VM installation does not have supervisor or HACS

I am new to this, but have managed to install a VM (version 7) on my Windows10 PC.
I have downloaded the haos_ova-10.4 image file and un-zipped it ok.
HA has been installed and will run, but I have no supervisor or add-on facility.
It would be useful to construct a dashboard so that I can access my Solis inverter and other items on my LAN and wireless network. Do I need the update of haos_ova-10.5 ? (I have already downloaded this on my PC).
Any suggestions?

What VM software (hypervisor) are you running? How do you mean that you unzipped the image file?

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Nothing under settings → add-ons ?

HACS is not an add-on, it is a custom integration, to be installed separate.

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HAOS has supervisor, so pretty sure you have it (otherwise i don’t think it would even start)

and as @francisp said, hacs is optional and needs to be installed manually…

Hi Ryan,

My software is Oracle VM Virtual Box. I downloaded the haos_ova-10.4 virtual image file which was in Zipped format. I then used Winzip to unpack the file and save and paste into the HA load page on my VM.

It seems to be working OK as I have set-up the Home Assistant in VM and it starts and runs. I get an inserted black screen with the white script start up routine followed by the green ‘ha >’ prompt. There are no red error messages.
Then I can’t seem to do much else. I want to load and configure my first dashboard. There doesn’t appear to be a HA supervisor or HA add-on option. It seems as if I have the version that does not support these!
Does this help?


And that is all you ever going to see in virtualbox. Now you go to a normal computer, open a webbrowser and navigate to http://homeassistant.local:8123. There you can create a user, and after that create dashboards etc.

provided your mDNS works…
if not, use the ip number (check your router)

Ah-ha, I think we are getting towards identifying the problem.

I have already created my HA account (about 2 weeks ago) and it interrogated my system, picking up some connected items (like my WiFi connected printer). It was even able to tell me how much of each colored inks was remaining! The dashboard was also working.
However the connection stopped working. Now when I try to log on to My HA account it does not recognize my user name or password. The details are not logged in my password files and have disappeared!
It looks like I will have to re-set my details…but it won’t let me without deleting the entry stored against my email address.
How do I do this?


Right… I managed to reset my username and password (with the assistance from the web) and HA now working as before. Thanks for your help.
All I have to do now is find out how to get HA running on VM to recognise my Raspberry Pi.
And then on to how to load Solarmon3 and get access to my data from my Solis Hybrid inverter.