MY PR fails on Travis - Help to figure out what I need to make my PR pass

Hi all and @fabaff ,

I am trying to submit a PR for a new feature for Facebook Messenger bot. (broadcast capability ) and getting some travis issues. [modified] I seem to have able to fix all the syntax cosmetic issues Travis was complaining.

Now I seem to have one more issue which I don’t understand. This seem nothing to do with my code at all…

Ok things are getting better… It seem travis kicks in new build every time I commit… And I had to rename my variables to get rid of most errors.

But now what i left is I have no idea how it relates to my code… It does not. Can anybody advise on how to pass these errors ?

Collecting home-assistant-frontend==20180216.0 (from -r /home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/requirements_test_all.txt (line 75))
  Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement home-assistant-frontend==20180216.0 (from -r /home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/requirements_test_all.txt (line 75)) (from versions: 0.1, 20171021.0, 20171021.2, 20171027.0, 20171027.1, 20171030.0, 20171102.0, 20171103.0, 20171104.0, 20171105.0, 20171106.0, 20171110.0, 20171111.0, 20171115.0, 20171117.0, 20171117.1, 20171118.0, 20171121.0, 20171121.1, 20171126.0, 20171127.0, 20171130.0, 20171204.0, 20171206.0, 20171216.0, 20171223.0, 20180102.0, 20180110.0, 20180112.0, 20180119.0, 20180126.0, 20180130.0, 20180209.0, 20180211.0)
No matching distribution found for home-assistant-frontend==20180216.0 (from -r /home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/requirements_test_all.txt (line 75))
ERROR: could not install deps [-r/home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/requirements_test_all.txt, -c/home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/homeassistant/package_constraints.txt]; v = InvocationError('/usr/bin/env LANG=C.UTF-8 pip install -r/home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/requirements_test_all.txt -c/home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/homeassistant/package_constraints.txt (see /home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/.tox/py36/log/py36-1.log)', 1)
___________________________________ summary ____________________________________
ERROR:   py36: could not install deps [-r/home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/requirements_test_all.txt, -c/home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/homeassistant/package_constraints.txt]; v = InvocationError('/usr/bin/env LANG=C.UTF-8 pip install -r/home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/requirements_test_all.txt -c/home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/homeassistant/package_constraints.txt (see /home/travis/build/home-assistant/home-assistant/.tox/py36/log/py36-1.log)', 1)
/home/travis/.travis/job_stages: line 169:  4430 Terminated              travis_jigger $! $timeout $cmd

I restarted the CI. Looks like a caching issue there.

Hi, thank you for helping… It still fails now on things are totally unrelated to my code changes.
Can you please help me as this is my first PR to HA. What if anything I need to do at this stage? I don’t think my code is the source of an errors. Can you help assign somebody to my PR so I can talk to the reviewer on the PR itself?

No, it’s not. Some tests are flaky. Very soon we will get rid of Python 3.4 and it will get better because usually that run is failing and not the Python 3.5 one.

Thank you. So will my PR be merged and released in next release of HA? I don’t see anybody assigned to it.
My update to documentation is approved, but feature itself is not. Do I need to do some request to have somebody assigned to review my code and merge it?

After there was a review preformed it will be merged and included in the next release. There are over 100 open PR requests, thus is can take a while.