My Z-wave just stopped working after updating

I applied recent z-wave JS UI update to 1.6.0 and now I can no longer access the UI. I attempted ro roll back using restore from backup, and now z-wave JS has an error Retrying setup: Failed to connect: Cannot connect to host xxxxxxxx-zwavejs2mqtt:3000 ssl:default [Connect call failed ('', 3000)] This error is in the devices and services page.

If I click configuration I get the following error Failed to connect: Cannot connect to host xxxxxxxx-zwavejs2mqtt:3000 ssl:default [Connect call failed ('', 3000)]

If I try to go to the zwav JS UI then I get a bad gateway error.

All I did was apply an update? Any help in resolving this is much appreciated.

Exactly the same thing caught me out last week, and I lost days restoring backups and reconfiguring my z-wave network. I then discovered that the only way to get z-wave back was a cold start. Unplug the power from the pi, wait a couple of minutes, then power back on. This worked after the last update yesterday as well

Hope this helps

Thank you for the hint NickSills!

The root cause was that the configured port for the zwave stick was changed during an update. Not sure how that happened? Your trick of yanking the power allowed me to get the Z-wave JS UI back. This allowed me to see that the port was changed by an update from the correct USB port to a different one. Once I configured the correct port everything works. Now I know to check this first. Thanks again!

OK. Not fixed! Zwave UI works and seems to communicate with all of my physical zwave devices, however, NOTHING works in HA. Nothing can be controlled.

Not sure how just applying an update can break everthing so badly. My UPB network is also completely lost.

Not sure how to fix this, other than to start over. I was excited about HA, but I see no way forward and am completely dead in the water right now.

I mean I backed up, I did not mess with stuff. I just updated one day, and now a solid week of labor is gone. Any help is appreciated.

I have had this issue multiple times when doing upgrades. It is a big gamble to get it up and working again.

The routine that seems to work best, but I guess it is more of a random chance, is this:

  1. unplug Z-Wave stick from USB
  2. Restore last full (FULL!!!) backup, and just to make a note here: I normaly nowdays does a full backup every night and every time before upgrad since the so called “make backup before update” never works, or is not even done…
  3. Restart everything, which is normaly done by the restore above - but just to make sure, unplug the power cable and restart it again
  4. Now it is time to plug in the Z-Wave stick again…
  5. At you own risk, try the upgrade again… There is a risk of repeat of the above though…