MYQ - Password changed. Now Reauthenticate over and over

I suspect this issue my be due to MYQ itself.
I changed my password recently. Updated in HA because I got a reauthenticate notification.
After an hour MYQ asks for reauthenticate again but this time same password does not take.
The password also does not work in MYQ. Need to reset that via their app.
Enter new password in MYQ app. Reauthenticate in HA. All shows working for an hour.
Hour later, HA ask for reauthenticate but the password does not work.
Log out of myq on phone, also password does not work.

Deleting the MyQ integration and adding it back DID NOT fix the issue.

I’ve created a new account myq and granted it permissions as a user of the main account. So far this seems to work.