MySQL on Drobo....faint hope though

Since the latest update I found out that the version of MySQL which I am using on my Drobo 5N2 NAS storage is too old and I cannot use that as DB storage anymore. I am hoping someone here might have an idea on how I could upgrade the version on Drobo. I understand this is not Homeassistant topic, but since this community is so big, who knows…
I won’t be able to get any support from Drobo anymore since it seems they are out of business, so it would be a solution which requires some creativity I think. Is there anyone out here who happens to have the same NAS storage and would have any idea on how to do that?

The other thing I have been experimenting with is using the NAS mount on startup and have the SQLite DB stored there, but this seems to be pretty unstable and does not look to be a reliable solution. I followed several threads and addons to automatically mount the right folders on startup but just can’t get that to work stable.

My main goal of all of this is to have my Database stored externally. I am running Homeassitant on a Raspberry Pi and would like the database to be stored somewhere else as the local SD card and thought my NAS could come in handy here. I have been reading several threads on this but cannot find a secure and stable solution for this. Any thoughts?