Mystrom button authentication

I’m trying to use the MyStrom buttons, and these work through an API call back to home assistant. I’m struggling with the authentication. I have an API password set:

    - type: homeassistant
    - type: trusted_networks
        - fd00::/8
    - type: legacy_api_password
      api_password: !secret api_password

However when I try to test the API with curl, I get 401 unauthorized:

$ curl -X GET -k "https://walker:8123/api/mystrom?api_password=##########&single=myStromButton01"
401: Unauthorized

I can get it working with a header and a bearer token:

$ curl -X GET -k -H 'Authorization: Bearer <LongToken>' "https://walker:8123/api/mystrom?single=myStromButton01"

however I don’t know how I can put a header into the MyStrom button config (I seem to only be able to program this with the URL (and the docs say to put api_password=##### into the URL, which is not working. The button (and the computer I was running curl from) are in the trusted network ranges.

Is there a way I can allow the switches to work without the token (using either api-password or by exempting them from authorisation?

I tried to make my wifi buttons work with Home Assistant for days, but without success.

In addition it is written that the legacy_api_password will be dropped in a future release (See legacy-api-password)

I was so tired that I wrote a gateway mystrom button to MQTT.

I use the new generic action that comes with the firmware 2.74.10.

I put the code to the gateway here:

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Thanks for the advice, and especially for sharing the code!!

Looks great, I will give it a try thanks! Too bad mystrom devices cannot handle Bearer tokens, which are the standard way to deal with authentication :frowning_face: