N00b question regarding vacuums (and HA in general I suppose)

I’m brand new to home assistant, and I recently bought a new house, which I’m moving into in a few weeks, and which im hoping to kit out with various smart home stuff.

For example, I got a brand new Ecovacs omni X1 waiting to be installed in the new home (still boxed). So, I’m trying to RTFM before installing it in the new home.

But, I’m finding the docs a little confusing. I found this page Ecovacs - Home Assistant , which has basically no information about what the integration actually offer.

I’m guessing the platform, offer the entities that is described here Vacuum - Home Assistant

So, my n00bish questions are now. Firstly, is the above assumption right? Should I expect my Ecovacs to support the functionality exposed by the vacuum entity? Secondly, a more general question, is there a way I can see the entities that HA supports?

I know nothing about Ecovacs, but that’s what I would expect, yes. Having said that, there seem to be an unusually large number of caveats in the docs, which may be a bad sign.

If you follow the link through to the Github page, it seems to be quite thin, and not updated recently - but the file vacuum.py references all the standard commands.

That will depend entirely on what integrations you have. If you got to Settings | Sevices & Services, clicking on the cogwheel in the top right-hand corner of each card will give you a list of the devices and entities associated with that integration. (This is new with 2023.6.)