Nabu casa active user but not working

I submitted my credit card data last month for Nabu Casa. On the website it says that I’m an active user. Even in home assistant it still says active user. However, for some reason my account has the status disconnected and I keep getting messages that my account has expired. What can I do?

try a restart, a number of people had the same issue

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In HA go to the Cloud account section and log out then log back in. It should work. If not wait a bit and try again.


Devs said payment processing takes some time then there is more time for HA backend to be notified no payment received and processed.

I have the same problem. I log out then back in and it works. But only for a day. Every day…

I did the “log out, log in” yesterday (almost 22 hours ago) and mine has been fine since then. I guess we’ll see what happens after midnight here in a couple of hours.

For me everything’s works fine after log in log out and restart.