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Nabu Casa - Feature request


I think a good feature to make the $5 per month more bearable would be an option for configuration backups to the cloud.


I think because we are all running different setups it is much easier to just do it yourself. I use dropbox flawlessly and as above you can use google drive or even just run your own variation to fling it to a separate folder on your NAS etc etc


That’s the reason, why unified solution would be great, in my opinion Whatever you are running, Nabu Case have your back! :slight_smile:

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If they stored your backups, the fee would likely need to be higher to cover increased bandwidth & storage costs…

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Paulus was just talking about cloud storage of the config via Nabu Casa being a distinct possibility on Frenck’s livefeed. Sounds like he wants it to happen.


Surely the increased bandwidth and storage of some YAML files couldn’t be that much. Especially if only changes are sent over the wire.


The HA DB can be rather large, plus all custom components, pages served from www. It’s not just yaml files

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I didn’t consider the DB, what would be the worst loss if it wasn’t backed up?

This could also have a caveat that only config files are saved and custom components have to be manually added to any restored server setup.


For some probably not a lot for others who require to keep a fair bit of data for reporting etc it would be an issue.