Naim Uniti Atom integration

Hello everyone!

I know Naim products are not mass market oriented. I haven’t found any official integration for Naim. I wonder if anybody has done something with a Naim Uniti Atom and home assistant. I currently own a Marantz player and it works well with HA, but I have set my eyes on this beast by Naim, and I wonder to what extend i can have my hopes high and expect an integration down the road.


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Hopefully you purchased the Uniti Atom. I got one, loved it so much I purchased the Mu-so too. They are fantastic and rock solid with Roon.

I’ve just been browsing at the Headphone edition of the Uniti Atom. Interesting a few reviews mention it comes with a ZigBee remote

I have a Unity Star and a Muso2. i can see them as ‘DLNA Digital Media Renderer’ and adjust the volume, that’s about it. Not sure I feel this is a high priority TBH.


I’d love to see this added to….

Thanks, this information helps a lot in deciding whether to get one. There is not a lot to find re the Naim Uniti and how it integrates so hopefully it will be possible for you to help out on some additional questions I had.

Is it really just the volume you can adjust or do the Uniti and Muso support any other services from the HA media player? E.g. would it be possible to play media like an internet radio station or a local track and to turn on or off the device from Home Assistant?


the only out of the box integration is via the DLNA Digital Media Renderer and Digital Media Server integration that comes standard in HA.

this is what the media renderer looks like for my Unity Star (MuSo2 looks the same)

i’d be keen to look into putting something togeather, however, in my experience, Naim are not forthcoming with information on many subjects.

there is a web service, i assume they are running linux.

Hi there is a why on Homebridge here GitHub - sicamois/homebridge-naim-audio: Homebridge plugin for Naim Uniti Atom if this helps… love to see on HS :crossed_fingers: