Nano CUL 868 - Energy heating system costs

Dear Community,

a neighbor of mine told me that he managed to extract the data of his houses heating system in to keep an eye on his daily/weekly/monthly energy consumption and costs respectively.

I tried the same and managed to get it done manually but I need your help with Home Assistant integration and automation, please!

The following device is connected to the central heating system of my house and it is monitoring and sending the energy consumption data every 4 minutes at 868 Mhz to the energy company (I guess):

I started off buying a nano CUL 868 from here and plugging it into my Raspberry Pi that is running Home Assistant. Nothing happened.

I found out that I should install the RaspberryMatic CCU add-on to Home Assistant

and within that add-on I installed another add-on called CUx-Daemon.

After upgrading my nano CULs firmware to the mbus type from here I was able to communicate properly with the nano CUL Stick through CUx-Daemon’s Terminal:

What you see there is me entering the brt command and the nano CUL capturing the heating monitors signal every 4 minutes by sending me back a hex-code like b36446850307987554543D4A3A1009F2B928200509F0D008068001144E852CC60C30F2FC4D084125350314526130D4DA503575D53B587A2AD9B0E351D3DA2459171

I found online documentation on how to interpret the hex-code data here: Excel and here CSV


  1. How can I automate the process of retrieving my energy consumption data?
  2. Would it be even possible to integrate that into Home Assistant, like as a device or sensor?
  3. Can someone help me decode / interpret the data?

I can provide logs and diagnostical data if it helps but I figure I am at the end of my skills when it comes to answering the above 3 questions.

Have a good day and thank you

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