Native Shelly Integration and Shelly 2.5 Not Discovered

I have a total of 25 Shelly switches installed including Shelly 1s, Shelly 1PMs, Shelly 2s and Shelly 2.5s and recently added the native Shelly integration to my 0.118.4 HASS system to support them. I’ve been able to add all 1, 1PM and 2 switches however, none of the Shelly 2.5s are recognized. And, when I attempt to add them the message Failed to connect is returned after about 10 seconds of trying to connect. All of my 2.5s are running the latest 1.9.2 firmware.

Are there any suggestions on where to look to troubleshoot this to get them added?

I installed the v1.9.3-rc3 beta firmware on the Shelly 2.5s and they all were recognized. Issue solved.

Using firmware v1.9.4-rc1. I have the same problem, the integration can’t connect.

Edit: I had to turn off MQTT inside the shelly web interface. Also don’t put http:// before the IP address when the integration asks for it.