Neatmo climate & camera configuration

my netatmo thermosat/relay and cameras worked until y made the last update to homeassistant.
It seems a lot of legacy code has been removed and now hey don’t work anymore.
It seems they might have been discovered by ‘discovery’ in the past, but that doesn’t exist anymore.
can somebody point me to how to find the correct name for the objects and how to configure them manually? I had some even older config that had been commented out with relay: and thermostat: but I don’t find that mentioned in the current version either.
Or where is the actual doc for the netatmo plugin? on the homeassistant page there’s only a list of available sensors.

The refactored Netatmo integration has been carefully tested with a handful (pre-)beta testers to ensure that breakage is limited. Thermostats, cameras and weather sensors work as before. Only public weather sensors and webhooks have been (temporarily) removed.

Not the discovery has been removed but the ability to “manually” specify each and every sensors/module. Now only discovery is in place and once HA is authorized to access the modules related to your account they will be discovered and added to your instance. You can de-/activate them individually in the Integrations/Devices/Entities section in your settings.

Hm, but the only place I find the relay is under entities
and i’s listed as a device_tracker.netamo_relay and not by netatmo but as unify-controller…

ah, after authenticating again they showed up, thank you

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How “temporarily” is that removal? As far I understand, it is still not available in 0.106.x.

Let me answer this with a link.

Good to know, thanks.
Hopefully, similar for public sensors.