Neato Botvac D6 - Battery behavior

I have a Neato Botvac D6 and it’s working great with the built-in Neato integration.

I’m just wondering about the battery behavior of my Neato. The battery depletes every 1h 30min to a status of 95% and then starts to change all the way to 100%. This behavior repeats throughout the day.

Is that normal?

Here’s an attached screenshot of my Neato Battery sensor: Screenshot_2020-02-13 Home Assistant

Thats what mine does, I assume its the BMS on the lithium batteries stopping it over charging.

My D3 is doing the same thing. And I think is counting on the charges cycles … very weird.

My D7 does the same thing. Probably part of Neato’s trickle charge algorithm I imagine. Keep in mind the integration just grabs whatever value we get from Neato’s servers.

I was just wondering if this behaviour is good for the health of the battery. I wonder what’s draining the battery so fast, because I feel that 5% battery consumption is quite a lot for just 1 hour or so of standby time.

The vacuum stays on WiFi and connected to the cloud 24/7 so its not surprising its draining that fast.