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I owned a D5
for me start() is not working… got response 200, but stop+pause+base was working…
I have the last update installed (2. dec 2017)

using IFTTT works okay…


Can you elucidate which file you’re referring to here? (Does this still work or does the newer version have it now working?) I mainly want to get extra care mode activated!


@jschwalbe were you able to get extra care mode enabled? I took a look at the latest code and it seems it may be possible depending on your model. I just figured out how to get the D7 to work and I was able to turn off extra care as the library had it on by default.


From what I recall, extra care mode is enabled by default, which is what I wanted, so I stopped trying to modify it. Thanks


Hey all for anyone who has a D7 I have created a custom component and a temporary release to get things working for the time being. A PR was submitted to the main repo but for now we can test the code and make sure things work properly, so far no issues on my end. I have also reduced the amount of scanning the component does so you should see much less network traffic going to Neato’s servers now. Thanks to everyone who helped with the main component and those on github guiding me along the way.


Did you ever find a solution?


I hacked together a custom (and really ugly) little server app in Node running over MQTT from other people’s code - an MQTT garage door opener. Someone else asked me to share it recently so here it is. Warning: ugly!!



@dshokouhi, could we think about creating a new service for the neato, for example vacuum.neato_start_advanced in order to have the possibility to set:

  • mode: 1 eco, 2 turbo
  • navigation_mode: 1 normal, 2 extra care, 3 deep
  • category: 2 non-persistent map, 4 persistent map

The pybotvac library supports it, but it’s not possible to set these values from HA when you run the vacuum.start: https://github.com/stianaske/pybotvac/blob/master/pybotvac/robot.py#L63-L67

Currently, you have to hack the library to set these values. I’m not very familiar with python but could have a look on how to add this service to the component even if you might be quicker :slight_smile:

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@RomRider I had actually started to give this a shot but being new to python I am also a bit lost here. I did make a start on it here:

however the HA integration is still pending because I need to learn how to create a service and be able to pass parameters back to the component, feel free to give it a shot too :slight_smile: I would love to be able to do it. I was thinking of calling the service vacuum.neato_custom_cleaning :slight_smile: but the name can be anything


@RomRider I should have something ready to test here pretty soon thanks to the help of @ludeeus :slight_smile: . Just finishing some things up and running some tests. The changes require a PR to be submitted to the main pybotvac repo. I will get those in and update my custom component on github after I am done testing.

Edit: ok I am happy with this change so far. For now I have put it all in a custom component so its easy for you to drop it in and use it

Make sure to grab the neato.py and all files in the vacuum folder the camera and switch folders are not necessary as they do not contain any changes.

I have also linked to the developer docs so you can see which botvac supports which calls because not all do deep cleaning (only D7). Let me know if you have any issues.

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Did you find a solution ?
I asked this guy here: nicoh88
As it seems to be a solution, but i don’t understand the installation:


  1. Install homebridge using: npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: npm install -g homebridge-vorwerk
  3. Update your configuration file. See the sample below.
    i also tried to contact him, but he doesn’t respond at all

Anyone else having some tipps for me ?


I made a nasty script that worked for a while but I have only recently stepped back into sorting my hass installation out and wouldn’t be confident it would work now I’m afraid.


This is for Vorwerk Kobold VR200. Has someone made the VR200 work with home assistant?


Still waiting myself.


I’ve found kobold2mqtt in github that might be a solution, but, unfortunately I’m unable to run it in a raspberry pi docker.


thanks, not sure I want to have a go at the install - I am surprised there are such limited options


There’s been an official component for this since 0.33 - closing this thread.

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