Need a recommendation for a USB hub for Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, Z-Wave Plus USB on Raspberry Pi 4


I’ve just migrated to a Raspberry Pi 4 for my zwavejs install, and have come across the dreaded issue with the Aeotec stick and Raspberry Pi 4s.

I don’t really want to spend another £50+ on another stick, so I was looking for some cheap USB Hub suggestions from people who have had the same issue in the UK, as I know it’s hit or miss.

Has anyone got any suggestions?


Literally any powered USB 2 hub should work, a half-meter long extension cable is usually enough to make a difference but if you’re doing it you might as well add power - because thats the other problems Pi’s face,

I use this one. Have it on three separate systems.

Belkin 4-Port USB Hub - Powered Desktop USB Docking Station - USB Adapter supports USB A, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 - USB Charging Hub - USB Splitter for USB Drives, Keyboards and Mice - Powered USB Hub