Need design recommendation: "House status"


Recently started my venture into Home Assistant (coming from OpenHAB), I’m looking into how I can “set my house in different modes”. Examples:

Wake up
Something (TBD) triggers when someone in the house, gets up in the morning. It should be configurable, which lights turn on, which radio turns on and other “nice stuff”. So I’m thinking a card with “Wake up actions” and a list of switches.

At home
Again a card with switches, defining if we should be alerted (and perhaps how) if snail-mail arrives, which lights should turn on automatically at dusk etc.

I would like to get alerted if misc. doors/windows open, be able to control which lights should be on manual or auto etc.

From reading the forum and different documentation, scenes are not enough. I need an easy way of settings e.g. notification for the different modes but overall I need to be able to have an easy overview of how I’m settings the different rules, etc.

Does anyone have good input / design suggestions to such functionality?