Need help automating External HDD Storage

Hey all,

So I’m generally pretty creative with my automations, but this one has me a little stumped for ideas.

Basically I have an external HDD tower that’s plugged into my server PC, runnning all my backups, plex server etc.

I want to create an automation that turns the tower off when its not needed.

I have it plugged into a smart plug and currently have a “timer” automation that turns the enclosure off/on at 1am and back on at 7am. I also have them turn on when my desktop PC is turned on.

However, I don’t use the HDDs every single day. So I was wondering if there might be a creative way to have them turn on when someone is accessing/browsing plex for example?

Does anyone have any suggestions?


How is the tower connected to the server?
esata, usb2, usb3, etc.

It is connected over USB 3.