Need Help Configuring TS110E dimmer module

Hello everyone,

I am facing an issue with setting up my TS110E dimmer module (_TZ3210_3) in Home Assistant and would appreciate your advice.


  • I am not using a Tuya gateway. Instead, my setup includes a GW04 USB dongle and a Raspberry Pi 3.
  • My goal is to use the TS110E module as a simple ON/OFF switch for a lamp, operated by the physical toggle switch connected to the module.
  • Currently, the module is recognized in Home Assistant, but I am struggling to configure it to respond correctly to the physical switch.


  • When using the physical switch, the module does not turn the lamp on or off as a standard ON/OFF switch would.
  • I want to avoid using additional buttons or commands in Home Assistant for this basic functionality.

Request for Assistance:

  • What are the specific steps or configurations I need to implement in Home Assistant for the TS110E module to correctly respond to the physical switch actions?
  • Are there specific commands or attribute settings I need to adjust to achieve this behavior?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has experience configuring a similar module or has suggestions on how to solve this issue, I would be very thankful for your advice.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.