Need help creating Alarm Panel in HA using Konnected board interfacing standalone alarm

I have Bosch 3000 alarm system.
I got Konnected Alarm Panel board with interface board. It is all connected and I can see in HA the state of each sensor, I can see the Armed status of the Bosch alarm (armed/disarmed), I can arm it and disarm it via Bosch keypad and it is instantly reflected in HA, I can see the state of the siren (if it is running or off), I can arm/disarm alarm using momentary button in HA.

Here is the image (please note the Bosch system is powered off now but it is all fully functioning as expected)

It works very nice but I have HomeKit bridge installed and I want to expose my alarm as an alarm into HomeKit.

As far as I understand manual Alarm Panel is one of the options. But I can’t figure out how to configure it.
Majority of examples are about using HA as “a brain” for a dummy Konnected board.
But in my case I don’t need the state machine of the Manual Alarm Panel and all the logic inside it.
All I really want is some dumb Manual Alarm Panel which can understand the state provided by Konnected board and which can trigger arm/disarm using “the momentary button”.

I really y can’t put my head around this.

I used a template alarm panel like the below, I have binary sensors for doors, pir, armed, alarm, and a switch to arms/disarm. I’ve used the last two sensors to configure the control panel state, and the switch to arm it.

  - platform: template
        name: Texecom
        value_template: >
          {% if states('binary_sensor.alarm') == 'on' %}
          {% elif states('binary_sensor.armed') == 'on' %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}
        code_arm_required: false
        code_format: no_code
          service: switch.turn_on
            entity_id: switch.texecom_part_arm
          - service: switch.turn_off
              entity_id: switch.texecom_part_arm