Need Help in configuring DeConz


I am trying to get the deCONZ add-on to detect the RaspBee, but I am unable to do so.
The setup process mentions Using a RaspBee

If you are using RaspBee, you may need to edit the config.txt file in the root
of your SD card in order for your RaspBee to be recognized and assigned a device name.

Add following to your config.txt :


I am unable to find the config.txt file on the SD card, can anyone point me where this can be found.

I am on Home Assistant 0.104.3

Thanks in Advance.


The file should be in this directory:


See the official RPi docs here

Appreciate your prompt response @Burningstone.

I cannot find this file on the SD Card. Is there any other way to access it, edit it.

How do you access the SD card?

I use it on a Mac and tried to find the file in the finder, and I am unable to find it.
There are multiple partitions and none has this file.


Some OS don’t mount the boot partition automatically. I’m not a MAC users, so I don’t know how to do this on a MAC but you should easily find a tutorial on google for this.

This topic may also be helpful

The SD card is easily readable on an windows PC, and could find the config.txt file. Made changes to it and it works like a charm.