Need help on understanding how Zigbee work

Hi All,

I am super confused at the moment. I am facing problem with constant Aqara wireless D1 switch constantly dropping off the network (when i pressed the button the led indicator blink 3 times). This installation happen at my sis place.

While I never had any problem in my own place. So I thought it could be signal interference within my sis place that could have caused the issue. I was trying simulate the issue, therefore, i decided to take a wireless switch from my own home out and about for a day. I was away from my home for a good 10 hours. As soon as i return, the device connect to the network automatically.

I would like to know, how does Zigbee2mqtt work. What are the criteria needed for it to drop a wireless device. It clearly shows that even the end devices are ‘uncontactable’ for 10 hours, it stays on the network as soon as it return.

I am using a pi4 with a CC2652 stick for my own setup while i m using a pi4 with sonoff dongle P for my sis setup.

Could some one please show me where i could possibly find my answer?

Zigbee2MQTT doesn’t drop the device, the device drops from the mesh.

  1. Did you check for WiFi interference?
  2. Did you pick a channel other than the (terrible) default of 11?
  3. Is the coordinator on a USB extension cable?
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on default Ch 15 fro zigbee2mqtt… extension cable checked.

For the wifi interference, i did not check. The devices dropped within hours at my sis place. While i took my wireless switch away from the network for 10hours and it just goes back online when i returned home.

I would imagine that if its interference, why would my wireless device connect back to the network when it get home?

Interference at your sister’s place.

Does, removing the wireless switch from my home, not the same as creating a ‘interference’? since both devices couldn’t “hear or talk” to any other router?

Unless your sisters place is also your place, the WiFi networks there and around there are different to the WiFi networks at your place. Any interference you have from WiFi will be different to what she has.

Checked the WiFi analyser, i m clean at -80dbm on wifi channel 3.

Channel 3 for WiFi will interfere with Zigbee on 15. See ZigBee and Wi-Fi Coexistence | MetaGeek