Need Help Setting Up Samba share using Virtualbox on Windows 10

Hey guys, I just set up home assistant using Virtualbox on top of my Windows 10 host. I was trying to get the samba share plug in set up and can’t get it working. No matter what I try, I cannot find any address using the common interface names. I have tried “eth0”, “enp3s0”, and anything else I could think of. I looked through old forum posts on similar issues but none of the fixes I have tried seem to be working. Am I simply not entering the correct name for my network interface? Is there a way I can check what the correct interface should be, and would that be using Virtualbox or Windows 10? Sorry for all the stupid questions, I am a beginner to Home Assistant but I really like the idea and am enthusiastic to learn.

Mine is enp0s17

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to work. In the logs I get “interpret_interface: Can’t find address for enp0s17”

Do you have a console screen?

If so log in and run

ip addr|more

and look though for the interface name associated with the network address.

Is there any way to do this from I don’t think I can since it’s restricted to it’s CLI. Trying using the CLI just yeilds ‘unknown command “ip” for “hassio”’.



And you’ll get a shell prompt.

Hassio doesn’t even know it’s running on Windows. A virtual machine is a virtual machine. Hassio is essentially running on another computer on your network

Awesome! That gave me all the information I needed to get it working. Thanks so much for taking the time to help.