Need help to trigger dumb doorbell remotely

I have a dog which goes crazy when the doorbell rings. In the past we’ve had the same reaction on other bell sounds (the microwave’s pling is a famous one), and this could easily be trained in the past by repeating the sound over and over again. I would like to try the same with our doorbell.

I tried the manual approach, but the doggo is too smart and notices if one of us is missing from the living room (to ring the bell). He simply doesn’t react at all if this is the case. So, I need something different and would like to come up with a solution to trigger the doorbell remotely or automatically ever X seconds to fool him.

My doorbell is wired and makes use of a transformer that outputs 8v which is located in the fuse box. It seems like the button and chime both have a wire to this transformer.

What would I need to accomplish my goal, and how to wire this?

I’m a complete hardware noob, as this would be my first project, so please keep technical complexity to a minimum :wink: Thanks for all help!

Lots of options (as always) but here are a few I have been investigating myself to make dumb doorbell smart:

@frenck wrote up a great beginner tutorial for just this - it has zero soldering (but you might need just a little if you want to use the transformer power that need to stepped power down or convert it from AC to DC):

For myself I believe my transformer is outputting 16v AC (from my research this is typical). I haven’t tested the wiring yet, but I was able to look up the model online and confirm so it should be accurate.

I thought I was being smart and found a board that could run off the low voltage AC, the Sonoff SV, but after putting in an order, I realized that the 5-24v is DC only… Since I need to change the power from AC to DC I found a regulator that will do that - the output is 12v DC which can power the Sonoff SV in isolation mode.

So… there are two options that I have researched some… I would be happy for someone to correct me and find out that the Sonoff SV can run off 16v AC and has the AC to DC built in so I don’t have to use isolation mode, but I am pretty sure that was an incorrect idea initially on my part.

Anyway, good luck!


Thanks for your reply. I also found a lot of options for making a dumb doorbell smart, but that is not really what I need.

I need to trigger a dumb doorbell myself. Not have a callback when it gets triggered.

I believe you are missing part of what this allows.
This setup would allow you to control the doorbell (not just know when it is triggered).
You could silence it, trigger it remotely, ring it constantly, etc.
So you would have the ability to trigger it anytime you want:

You could make an automation for it to ring every 5 minutes, every hour, etc.

You could use your PC or phone (while an App that connects to HA, or the web interface) to trigger the doorbell while you are sitting next to your dog.

Depending on what else you have in your house, you could have it trigger on a light switch, door/window sensor, motion sensor - there are many possibilities.

I hope this is more clear on what can be done.

I definitely missed that, but thanks for pointing that out. I will look into it tomorrow :slight_smile:

I just read the article, which is brilliantly written and very clear for a beginner like me (thumbs up to @frenck). I immediately ordered the parts required and can’t wait to set everything up :slight_smile:

I’ll post some pictures as soon as everything is up and running. Thanks again @DeadEnd!