Need help with adding Docker for the add-on

Hi Team,

I’m working on add-on and mostly done from coding perspective, but I’m having issues with adding proper scripts to make it running properly in a Docker container.

Let me please describe in more details:

  1. My add-on is a .net core application;
  2. The application itself needs MariaDb server - currently I’m using MariaDb add-on, but I would like to have database server inside my container;
  3. Currently I’m using Kestrel web server, but I would like to configure NGINX and use SSL to secure the connection.

So all in all I have the application running, here is for example the configuration I’m currently have and it is working:

But as I said, I am struggling to bring NGINX with SSL and MariaDb into my Docker… :frowning:

I tried to follow script of the community add-ons, and I took the following one as an example - - and here is how the scripts are looking like after trying to reproduce the approach:

And then things get more complicated with /etc folder:

But I can’t make it working unfortunately… and it is missing MariaDb which I’m also not sure how to configure properly using the above approach.

I would really appreciate if someone can help me with gaining this knowledge…

Thanks a lot


I sorted it out - if somebody will have the same issue with building the container, I might help if needed.