Need Help with Control of My Underfloor Heating Using Thermostats

Hello everyone,

I need assistance in managing my underfloor heating system. Initially, a wired solution (Loxone) was intended, but it was never put into action. Currently, I have:

- Power in the distribution box (230V) (1x)
- Control cables to the server room (12V, 10  wires) 
- Control cables from the server room to locations of thermostats
- No wires to the potential locations of the thermostats from the distribution box 

In total I have 18 heating circuits in 2 distribution boxes.

So far, I haven’t purchased specific hardware like actuators and thermostats. My other smart home devices operate over Zigbee2MQTT.

I would prefer a wired solution but don’t want to spend too much cash. A wireless option would also be ok as long it has no additonal radio frequency (already Zigebee and Wlan (and Babyphone) running) e.g. operates from my WLAN or ZIGBEE.

Does anyone have suggestions or recommendations on how I could solve this issue? Any advice is welcome!

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,

I just posted in “my project”
Have a read and let me know if it’s any help,

No sorry no help.

It’s sorted out… oh my, so simple… :crazy_face: