Need Help with Crow/AAP IP Module Alarm custom component

Dear Friends,
As i am in the process of migrating into Home Assistant from Domoticz, I find HA to be much more powerful and stable.

I moved all my devices succesfully so far; except for the Crow/AAP Alarm IP Module which i created a plugin for Domoticz myself ( This module simply provides a telnet connection and gives the status of the sensors and zones realtime on this connection. The telnet connection needs to be open all the time in order to get all status messages from and send required alarm control panel messages.

Could you guys show me the right direction to move on for creating a custom component which will include alarm_control_panel and binary_sensor; or at least a simple custom component which uses socket connection to take reference… The development documents are not very HA beginner friendly, and i am fighting hard to find my way out using the HA github components folder as samples. The IP module do not have an API; i can write one if it is required. Honestly i am trying to solve it as a custom component without any dependencies…

Thanks for all your help…

Hi febalci, have you made any progress with this? I remember seeing you over on the Domoticz forum. I too have a Crow Alarm, but I’m not savvy enough yet to be able to write custom components to talk to it. I remember someone on that forum mentioned they use node-red to convert the TCP packets into MQTT and then used the MQTT alarm panel to talk to the alarm. Would be nice to have something a bit more polished though.

The other thing you could try is having a look at the other alarm components and try adapting them. The Envisalink alarm module also uses a TCP socket connect I believe and you can see the source code for that. It uses the asyncio python library for the socket connection I think. I had a look but got lost. Maybe you can get further than me.