Need Help With NodeRed and Extracting Mqtt Msg Payload Objects

ok ill try shortly…

as what i trying to do i doing a Current caller and then it moves it to a Last caller as like i did here… like it works it just pops up those 4 errors on the time

so what it does is the incoming call comes in and it throws it to Current caller for 20 seconds then it Moves the data over to Last Caller… and sets the Current caller to unknown this is for my displays i have

but the error is coming up on the Time for some reason

but ill try your code

i do like how that that code is smaller… and it makes all the values into 1 sensor in HA

i just dont know how you read each value separately if you wanted to each one separate like pull it 1 thing out of each or so… but i do like how thats even a smaller foot print ill have to play with that tomorrow