Need options for z-wave server

I have a couple of z-wave switches, 2 thermostats and a lock. I’d like to run my z-wave network on a separate pi but I’m a bit lost about what the options are. I have a rpi4 not being used at the moment so I could us that. I want to keep the z-wave on a separate device from my main HA (rpi4) as the aeotec stick I am using interferes with my wyze dongle and I really like the wyze stuff, it’s just so fast and the PIR updates are quick.

I was thinking of using HA with the “remote home-assist” integration in HACS because where the pi would be located it’s easiest to run it headless and I’m not a programmer so I’d rather not use SSH to maintain it.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

I’m running ZWave like this - previously with with the beta, and as of Friday, using ZWaveJS.

My Pi has Portainer installed (which makes Docker easier to work with).
My pi has a folder for the ZWaveJS config ( /home/pi/zwavejs )

Follow any guide online for installing portainer on a raspberry Pi.

My AOETEC stick is at /dev/ttyACM0. In portainer I am using image “zwavejs/zwavejs2mqtt:latest” exposed network ports 8091 (web interface) and 3000 (Websocket)

Under advanced settings, under volumes - I have “/usr/src/app/store” in the container mapping to “/home/pi/zwavejs” (you will need to click the bind button to point docker to a folder, rather than a volume). My network is set to bridge and seems to be working perfectly fine like this. Under runtime and resources click add device and map the USB stick from the host to the container ( for me thats /dev/ttyACM0 on the host to /dev/ttyACM0 on the container).

At this point you can click Deploy.

When the image is fully deployed and running - connect to http://[pi-ip-address]:8091 to bring up the web interface. Click the Settings icon, then click on the ZWave section. Change USB port to the one you mapped to the container. Click the icon next to the Network Key box to generate a secure network key (if you ALREADY have secure devices connected to the stick, you will need to enter your existing security key in the box, rather than creating a new one) . I turned the MQTT Gateway off. Under the Home Assistant section, ensure WS Server is turned on. Now hit the save button at the bottom of the screen.

The first icon on the left hand menu is the ZWave dashboard and you will see devices in here that the ZWave stick already knows about, the controller will start trying to talk to them to figure out what kind of device it is.

When the network has settled down, you can add new devices from this screen.

On Home Assistant, all I did was click on Integrations, ZWaveJS and pointed it to the IP address the Pi is running on.

That’s it. ZWave works.

EDIT: This is what Home Assistant shows if I click on the Configure button for the integration:

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