Need recommendation for heating control

Hi there,

As described above, I need a recommendation for our heating control.

First, I would like to introduce what is currently in use in the house:

  • HA with ZHA integration with Conbee 2 and temperature sensors as well as window sensors in every heated room
  • Bosch home appliances with smart home option (for this I only have the app in operation. We do not yet have the Bosch Basis and therefore no integration into HA - we do not see any advantages in this regard so far).

For heating:
We have a few classic radiators and some rooms with underfloor heating. These are controlled by thermostats on the walls, which in turn control the actuators. The actuators are closed when de-energized.

Above all, I would like to switch off the heating, for example with the windows open. The wall thermostats for the underfloor heating are not smart home compatible. However, I do not want to exchange these as there is nothing that matches our switch design. I would prefer to change something here using the servomotors on the central unit for the underfloor heating.
It is important to me to work with as few battery-operated devices as possible. If so, the batteries should last a long time.

I am grateful for tips on a reliable system.

Greetings Werner

I have tied a shelly 1 into my gas fireplaces to make the switches smart. They run on independent power.

Here is a link to discussion using shellies for this purpose.