Need to eliminate guesswork with switch names

Home Assistant is listing my Insteon switches and relays in a confusing manner, please see picture. I’ve tried unsuccessfully a number of times to re-name to something like “porch front” but I’m not that familiar yet with Home Assistant. So how about one of you guys that’s been using it for sometime letting me in on the secret.

First section. You can change the name and/or the entity_ids (handy when trying to work out what is what in automations and scripts).

Note: this does not change the entity_ids where you have already used them in scripts or automations. So a good text editor with find & replace may come in handy to edit automations.yaml and scripts.yaml this is the case.

This is why it is important to customise your entities as soon as they have been added to home assistant and before you start using them in automations and scripts.

Thanks Tom I’ll take a look at that. To this point I have not created any scripts or automation so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Then it should be nice and easy. Are you using the auto-generated dashboard?

If not you will have to update the entity ids in your dashboard cards too.