Needing some help with Bluetooth proxies

Hi HA forum

I recently bought 3 ESP32 (M5 stack) to help extend my bluetooth range to send temp and humidity data back from some govee sensors I have.

I used this link:

I followed this youtube:

The issue is the first one worked flawlessly. I installed it and it was recognized in the integrations area under “ESPHome”.

However in ESPHome, the next 2 are not showing up. I tried to manually add them but am getting this offline although they are online.

Anyone have any ideas as to why it is like this?


Solved by uninstalling ESPHome and installing ESPHome(beta). Strange but shrug worked lol.

Weird. I definitely have numerous devices acting as BT Proxies, although in my case all of them are devices doing other things and I just added that functionality after the fact because got some BT temp sensors.

Were they showing up as all online under ESPHome on the integrations page? The ESPHome dashboard (or whatever it’s called) is notorious for showing devices offline, etc.

They were showing up on the integration page but not in ESPHome for some reason. I installed ESPHome beta and they all started showing up without an issue. Adopted and they are working great. I have 6 temp/humidity sensors around my house to alert me when humidity gets too high (means my dehumidifier is full).