Negative values from the kWh sensor shows up positive with 100000 units added

Integration : HEKR

Device : TOMZN SmartMeter

Software platform on mobile : Wisen

The history graph and sensor works at normal usage.
Here we have netmetering, ongrid system the energy can flow back to the grid.
When this happens the values are supposed to be negative.
But instead the values are incredibly high. A whole 100000 units added, rendering the graphs incorrect.

Not sure if the values from the meter are indeed 100000 higher (as a method for negative value to the app) or are negative and the integration can’t render it due to some boolean settings (I tried net_consmumption: true to no avail.)

In the image the current power usage is -9.8 kWh feeding back to the grid.

Hassio, OS 4.7, in VM on Linux, HACS installed.