Neo 3 in 1 Zigbee Siren

Can anyone offer any advise on why my Neo 3 in 1 Zigbee Siren is not displaying ANY data.
Home Assistant finds it OK and displays all the relevant entity ids but none of then have any data.
I have lots of other zigbee devices (& wifi devices) working fine which were all auto discovered but I cannot get this 1 working.
I’ve removed it several times then let HA re discover it, I’ve also tried manually adding it via my configuration.yaml but I get the same result every time.
I’m running HA (core-2021.5.3 / supervisor-2021.04.3) on a raspberry Pi 4 with the latest versions of Zigbee2mqtt (1.18.1-1) & Mosquitto Broker (5.1.1)