Neo coolcam pir motion sensor with tasmota

almost a week now been trying to figure out how to make this thing function:

i tried esphome first:

but wasn’t able to connect to it on HA.

then i have managed to flash tasmota on to it. but got stuck.
i can’t figure out which gpio does what.
and it doesn’t help that the damn thing goes to sleep every 30s.

any help?

Here, this one did it for me: (SOLVED) Neo Coolcam PIR motion Sensor

forgot to mention, mine is a wifi, not z-wave.


I also managed to flash tasmota on my neo coolcam PIR motion sensor wifi.
Do you manage to make it work since you writed this post ?

nope, gave up and moved back to esphome.
it has something to do with the tuya mcu communication but i don’t know how to do it.

Thx. I’ll tell if I find something to make it work.

This thread will save your time:

It works all the way in HA. is the template you are looking for. It is about door sensor but it works without change for the PIR sensor too.

i actualy have this door sensor so i know about the tuyamcu process and i did try to do it with the same process but i didn’t get the fnid messages (weblog 4), triggering the pir resulted nothing on the console, maybe it’s just my device but i did got it to work with esphome.
i have another coolcam pir to play with i will try it again and report

well as i suspected, the other one is behaving the same.

21:00:00 MQT: tele/PIR_WiFi/RESULT = {“TuyaReceived”:{“Data”:“55AA00050005660400010074”,“Cmnd”:5,“CmndData”:“6604000100”}}
21:00:00 MQT: tele/PIR_WiFi/RESULT = {“TuyaReceived”:{“Data”:“55AA00050005650100010171”,“Cmnd”:5,“CmndData”:“6501000101”}}

These are the two MQTT messages I see in console when it senses any motion.
After setting up the MQTT server details inside Tasmota, it works fine.