Neopixel WS2812B can't control

Purchased a ring neopixel style LED from amazon, chipset is WS2812B. I can’t seem to control it at all. Powered, it does show white lights, but no effects and no ability to control through ESPHome/HA. Code below:

  - platform: neopixelbus
    type: GRB
    id: light1
    pin: GPIO3
    num_leds: 16
    variant: WS2812
    name: "NeoPixel Light"    
      - addressable_scan:
      - addressable_color_wipe:
      - addressable_rainbow:
      - addressable_fireworks:


Edit: Fixed the issue. GPIO3 didn’t work for me for some reason. Changed to pin D3 and no issues. Using NodeMCU ESP8266

The most common problems is not having an adequate power supply, not having a common ground and not observing the direction of the data line. Those 2 plugs are different. One is for Data In and the other is Data Out.

Why are you using pins that really shouldnt be used or should be a last resort? Did you consider consulting a pinout sheet when selecting gpios to use? GPIO3 is pulled High at boot so besides the obvious problem, its going to cause your lights to flash whenever your esp board restarts. GPIO0(D3) is another that should be avoided unless its necessary and you know how to use that gpio without causing the board to not boot up. D3 is also pulled High at boot and if you interfere with that by wiring something to it that pulls it low, your board wont boot up afterwards. You should always use your standard gpio’s before using these dual use gpio’s.