NeoPixelBus with PWM warm white and cold white

I may have a strange question but i am completely new to Home Assistant and try to get my own created lights to work with ESPHome.

The lights i made (custom made PCB) contains 12 Neopixel RGB Leds, 20 warm white leds and 20 cold white leds.

It had custom firmware so i could control the RGB lights, but also the white lights (from cold to warm white).

Now i want to install the ESPHome firmware and control the RGB but also the white leds with color temperature. I have installed the Apple Homekit plugin and that works but now i get 2 seperate lights (the RGB but also the white leds). When i hold the RGB light i have 2 tabs, color and white color temperature. The rgb works but the white color temperature (cold to warm white) sets the RGB leds also. How can i combine those 2 seperate colors?

This is my config so far:

   - platform: neopixelbus
     type: GRB
     variant: WS2811
     pin: 14
     num_leds: 12
     name: "RGB-CCT Spot"
  - platform: cwww
    name: "Livingroom Lights"
    cold_white: output_component1
    warm_white: output_component2
    cold_white_color_temperature: 6500 K
    warm_white_color_temperature: 3200 K
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    id: output_component1
    pin: 12
    max_power: 100%
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    id: output_component2
    pin: 13
    max_power: 100%

I’m sorry for my mistakes but i am completely new to this

Is it even possible to do?

constant_brightness: true

What is that doing?
I think it is not what i need. I made my own RGB + WW + CW leds (custom pcb).
The coldwhite is connected to GPIO12, the warm white on GPIO13 and a bunch of neopixel leds are connected to GPIO14.

I can get both working but as seperate lights. What i want is that the RGB chanel is for the neopixels and the white temperature for the warm and cold white, but as one single light.

Is that possible?

I think not… you can only combine warm white and cold white.