Nest Camera Battery - Not showing in Media section


I have a number of Google devices, including a Thermostat, Hello and a number of cameras. I went through the instructions to add the integration and everything is working fine. Except for one of the cameras, and the only difference with this camera to the one that is working fine is that one is the older wired internal camera (working) and the other is a newer model external battery camera (not working).

Now when I say it isn’t working, it actually is in Home Assistant. If I go to the Google Nest Integration, it shows up as a device with the others. If I add the device to a dashboard then it appears and if I click the play button it streams. So all good there.

However, if I go to the Media section in HA there is no reference to this camera in either the Nest or Camera sub sections, while the other cameras are appearing in there.

Is there something odd with this model that stops it from showing there or have I done something wrong? Any advice appreciated.