Nest Doorbell (Battery) Person/Motion Device Trigger not working

Greetings everyone,

I just purchased a Nest Doorbell (battery) and I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure why the following doesn’t work. I’m trying to setup a Trigger (screenshot below) when a Person/Motion is detected. However, this does not fire at any time. The door chime, however, does. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong here? I’ve also tried using an event, but still doesn’t work.

Also tried this:

 - platform: event
   event_type: nest_event
      device_id: << my device id >>
      type: camera_motion

Any help appreciated.

Not sure if this is still relevant, but for me to get the triggers working I had to enable the notifications for the particular event type within the Home App. Until recently I only had the events for persons with packages enabled to not reduce the notifications caused by random people passing by my door. But with that setting my automation was not firing. Only after enabling the notification my automation started working.


I saw there were other threads about this too but this seemed to be the most recent one.

I have the same problem

  • Nest Doorbell - all notifications turned on and working in Google Home app - the trigger Person detected for starting an automation does never trigger

  • Nest Indoor cam (wired) on same settings and everything is however working to trigger an automation flawlessly

My conclusion is there might be a difference between the Doorbell and Cam indoor on the Google API side? Should I just wait and hope Google fixes it or is there anything I can dig into?