Nest Hello Delay Processing Trigger

I have finally got my nest hello door bell to work with the nest integration. I now have an automation so that when a person is detected, the front door light comes on.

Problem I have is that it takes 10-12 seconds for the light to come on once a person is detected.

I am curious if I can troubleshoot my end to see what is causing the delay, or if this is a bottleneck as the pull pub/sub requests take time to process and this is all normal behaviour??

Are you using RTSP or WebRTC perhaps? What does your automation look like?

My guess it is all the pub/sub from Google. I am experiencing the same issue, but I am trying to take a picture when the motion/detection happens and there is clearly visible.

Strange thing is if it’s pub/sub thing then why the stream is showing mostly instant (1-2 sec) on Google Nest displays.

I have far more than 1-2 seconds delays on the display, when someone presses the button. Sometimes even 10s of seconds, just to announce that someone is at the front door.

The pub/sub definitely lagging. The image is a different story, but that is lagging as well. Hard to use it as a doorbell when you are using at home from a display or being away through a mobile phone.