Nest hub - Annoying chromecast icon after TTS


I’ve bought a Google Nest Hub last week and I’m starting to play with it and TTS.
However, everytime that I play a TTS sound on it, a chromecast icon is displayed on the screen and stay after the end of the sound like that :

Do somebody know how to get rid of this little icon after the sound end and come back to the standard Nest Hub screen with the clock ?

Thank you !

Had this too.

Just use service media_player.turn_off on the nest hub media_player entity after the TTS…

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Thank you ! This is working almost perfectly, but how do you know when the message ended ? At the moment, I’ve only put a delay of 10s after each message

When you send the TTS message the status of the media_player is “playing”, then when message ended it goes to “idle” (this is the state where you have the famous annoying icon). When this state is reached that means the message is ended. Then you can turn_off the media_player.
So i would say : send the TTS -> wait for playing -> wait for idle -> turn_off !

Thank you, that’s working !