Nest Integration - Error 404 (Not Found)!1

I removed and re-added my Nest integration because I changed my Nest Developer email address and it stopped working. I carefully went through the API steps and when I go to add the integration in the HA UI, I get transported to a 404 page.

The URL starts with: and I am very sure that I have the correct config setup. Any ideas?

Have you had any luck? I’m running into the same problem. I have duckdns working correctly. I have double checked all my settings. Nothing seems to be working.

Nope, I gave up and opened a account and paid another $5. My previous account was a Google Workspace account. Then, I “upgraded” my Nest account to Google.

The “upgraded” version doesn’t show my Nest Secure stuff anymore. Really bummed that HA doesn’t support Nest.

Hi, Home assistant supports nest, not sure what you mean.

If you are seeing it implies you’re using the legacy integration and not the SDM integration (e.g. missing a project_id in the configuration.yaml.)

@ashkaan are you using a legacy works with nest account? since you said nest developer account. It sounds like not the SDM API. You’re following the legacy steps at the bottom right or the new SDM API steps?

If you’re talking about duckdns it sounds like you mean the new integration. Double check you are following the instructions correctly and the configuration.yaml is correct.

Only some of the functions work and the camera is insanely slow. I’ve used both the old and new method. Both require non-Google Workspace accounts.

Ok, so you got past the 404 issue?

Just to be clear, the home assistant integration with nest works, so am happy to help you just need some more info to be able to help.

That’s right. I signed up for a gmail account and then I migrated my nest account to Google. Now, my cameras are too slow to be useful and Nest Protect doesn’t work at all. I wouldn’t call this working.


It sounds like this has been a very frustrating experience for you. Let me know if you’d actually like help or are just wanting to vent. Either is fine with me.

You can continue to use the legacy works with nest API. If you have a specific problem with it, I can try and help, but don’t have such an account myself. Many users are using it just fine and it works.

Nest protects are not supported by Google’s newer API, some home assistants integration with the sdm doesn’t support it either. Thousands of users are using the new APIs with cameras just fine. It works. See
for planned upcoming changes and user view of how it’s working. This is most common.

Users that /don’t/ have a legacy works with nest account and want to use protects go with unofficial Google APIs using badnest or homebridge and report success. Those work and many users are very happy with that.
See comments in the post above for details.

Many options for you.

Happy to help you figure out your issues, or not, up to you. The only data I have is my own usage of cameras and thermostats or feedback from users in these forums or Reddit

By the way, all device support is spelled out here
Nest - Home Assistant and it would be great for you to send your feedback to Google about what devices you’d like to see in the official SDM API. If new devices are added I commit to supporting them, like the recently added nest battery cams. (As a remember this is a volunteer effort)

I’m so sorry about the venting. That’s not really appropriate here, especially in light of the folks here being so helpful.

Here are my current outstanding issues. Please let me know if there’s something in my power to resolve them considering the constraints below.

  1. Cameras are way too slow to be useful. They never update in the background (so I can’t seem to use any automation). When I go to check them, they take about 5-10 seconds to connect.

  2. Nest Protect doesn’t show up at all. Because there are no entities, I can’t build any automation.


A) I already migrated my Nest to Google and it would be too painful to rebuild from scratch to move back.

B) Homebridge worked much better, but I’m trying to get full support through HA without third-party tools.

Thanks again for everything.

#1) check out the preload stream option which opens the stream when home assistant starts. This helps with initial open latency. Also check out the stream integration options ll_hls: True which enables low latency HLS, a newer feature.

#2) the Google sdm library does not support this so the home assistant sdm integration can’t support it. Using home bridge for protects is very common but I have never used it.

Happy to keep discussing options.

No, this is really helpful. Thank you. I’ll checkout #1.